Llandudno and District Darts League

Welcome to the 2018/19 winter league season.

No major changes in regards to any new rules this year as the AGM was pretty quiet, but a couple of changes in regards to the web site and how we intend informing you, the user.

As of the start of this winter league season, you will no longer have to LOGIN to find out how either you or your team are getting on in regards the league tables, player leagues etc. The whole site will now be open, however there will be an advantage to those that have registered and continue to do so which will become more apparent next year.

On the web site, you will see a “nag screen” at the top of the screen suggesting that you take a look at the advantages of registering with messenger. We really think you should take a look at this. Many thanks to those dart members that have already signed up. 

For those members who wish to know more about this new service then click the link below, this will take you to your messenger, and if you haven’t interacted with us before you’ll need to press the “Get Started” option.

So why are we doing this. One of the recurring comments that is made to myself is in regards to the weekly write up  and how people miss this. We really can’t do anything about the North Wales Weekly News not placing us in their sport section, however, social media has changed tremendously over the last few short years. Even email is regarded as dead as people have so many spam emails in their inbox that a lot of the time they don’t even bother opening the emails. I personally have seen this when sending out dart emails in regards to a news update. Messenger is different, but their are certain rules that we have to follow which ensures you don’t get a load spam info.

My goal over the winter league season, is that I want to try and get the weekly write up to be as fun and informative as it used to be. But with far more user interaction between ourselves, which again is another reason for being subscribed to our messenger service. The ability to take photo’s of the result cards on the night and post them onto the relevant facebook site has been fantastic, but I want YOU to take photo’s of your team and players and even the opposing players. So lets say for example that you have a player that takes out a high shot out or lowest number of darts, and you take a picture of him, then if your subscribed to our service send a picture direct to us through messenger, and add and send the word ‘Photo’ . Our service will know that you have sent a photo relevant for this weeks write up. This will make it far more interesting for everyone. It’s going to take time and yes a few mistakes but hopefully over the season the importance of the weekly write up will become  more informative and fun than it ever was in the past.

Swin VOLUNTEERED and marked a game!!

18th September 2018

"501" league

The winter league season kicked off with last years winners The Maelgwyn ‘A’ travelling to the newcomers the Alex in Penmaenmawr. Phil Smith and his team showed the intent not to slip up this season and continue with their dominating performance as they overwhelmed the Alex with a 9-1 scoreline. Last year’s runner up the RAOB ‘A’ played host to the Pen Golf club, the RAOB where without some of their strike players. A very close fought match saw the RAOB limp over the finishing line with a 6-4 win, but the Pen Golf should really have had a draw, being over 250 ahead in the final doubles but just couldn’t find that elusive double. Neil Hughes and the Conwy Comrades ‘A’ played host to the MAelgwyn ‘B’, and although the Comrades won, it shows the improvemnt within the Maelgwyn B team that score was just 6-4. The Penrhyn Arms didn’t have to travel far as they visited the Old Hall. The Old Hall took an early lead with wins by Wyn Slater and Guy Marsh but then back to back wins by Mark Williams,Sam Bradley & Rob Sumbland put the arms in front, but Corrie Williams leveled the score, but that old Stalwart Chris Yates gave the lead to the arms in the singles. The doubles then saw the arms take all three games to secure the win and 3 points. Dave Nolan and his RAOB  team took a trip to the Pen Golf and their B team which saw them give a convincing performance and claim a 9-1 scoreline.

Round The Board"

Brian Beacher of the Kings arms continued his performance form of last season as they visited the Town House and the team came away with the 3 points thanks to a 6-3 scoreline. With a special mention to Dave Roberts of the Kings who hit a 13 dart leg. The Commrade B team paid a worthwhile visit to the Cross Keys p/side as they came away with a hard fought 5-4 win, with a specil mention to Gary Roberts who hit a 10 dart leg. The Pen y Bryn B took a stroll down to the Virginnia but came away with all 3 points, with Carl Roberts hitting an 11 dart leg, whilst their sister team the Pen y Bryn A played host to the Cross Keys Llandudno, but the Cross Keys where too strong and came away with a 6-3 a scoreline and all 3 points. Llandudno Cricket club also continued their previous form from last year and had an emphatic win over the LLandudno Athletic lads.

Brian Beacher of the Kings Arms at 2018 winter league presentation

25th September 2018

Carl Wedge Of The Cross Keys Llandudno

We start this particular weeks games with the “Round Board Fixtures”. We still only have 3 result cards for that particular week, and although we are aware of the scores and who played who, it must be pointed out that only teams that have ensured the result cards have reached us by the Friday of that week, will be included in any write up. We are not going to go looking through photos’s, basically if you can’t be bothered neither can we!

So onto the games themselves, a very hard fought match between the Cross Keys Llandudno and the Cricket Club. The Cricket club initially took a 4-2 lead in the singles with wins for Jack Thornton, Paul Thornton, Chris Hornickel and Malcom Sprague, with wins for the Cross Keys by Gaz Evans (Nice to see him back) and Mike Jones. But the Cross Keys took the next two doubles to level the match, but the Cricket club kept their cool and took the last doubles to claim all three points. It was nice to see the return of the Labour club and impressive peformance they gave as they beat Mikey Nigs Williams and Kings Team 5-4. The Pen Y Bryn B visited an under strength Town House and came away 6-3 winners.


Mike Castro and his Nevill darts team had their first game of the season, but it was against the Maelgwyn A. But this Nevill team team, which has been strengthened since last season gave a good account of themselves, with wins in the singles for Dave Chapman, Carlos Martins and Jason Atkinson who had an 18 darts leg. But this Maelwgyn team are going to be a force to be reckoned with this season as they recorded single wins for Jim Dorenbos, Pete Lewis (17 dart legg), Phil Smith and last years player league winner Pete Sim-Mutch. But the doubles saw the Maelgwyn power their way taking all three games and with it the win and 3 points. The Penrhyn arms continues their winnign form as they played host to the Pen Golf B lads, but it was a close run thing with the Arms taking a 6-4 win with the very last doubles. Dave Nolan and his RAOB team played host to the Conwy Comrades A lads, but the conwy lads where in no mood to show any favours or grace as they took a commanding 6-1 lead in the singles, with Bryn Hughes hitting two 17 dart legs and Dan Wilson also hitting a 17 dart leg. The Comrades compounded the score by taking the next two doubles and winning the match 8-2. The Pen Golf A lads played host to the Old Hall and cemented and improved on their previous weeks performance and claimed the match with a 6-4 win, with 180’s for Wayne of the Old Hall and Paul Eccles of the Golf Club. The RAOB A travelled to the Alex in Pen, but with many of their strike players back it was evedient as they took the match 9-1 with Carl Elston hitting a 180 and Swin checking out a 117.

Mike Castro - Captain of the Nevill team

2nd October 2018

Sam Bradley of The Penrhyn Arms

After beating the Pen Golf B the previous week, the Penrhyn had hopes of inflicting the same result on their sitster team, but Pen Golf A lads had other ideas, with wins for Keith Williams, Paul Eccles, Rob Benjamin, Ian Jones and Iwan Williams saw them take a commanding 5-2 lead in the singles with Sam Bradely and Rob Sumbland replying for the Arms. The Golf club took another game in the doubles to secure the win and record the arms first defeat of the season. It was a local derby in the Maelgwyn as the B squared up against the dominant A team. But the A team had little sympathy for their sister team as they took all the singles, with Joey Cruze hitting a 180 and Pete Sim-Mutch hitting a 15 dart leg and a taking a 126 checkout. The RAOB A where again without a couple of their strike players but hard fought match against the Nevill lads saw the RAOB A prevail 6-4, with Burr hitting a 180 and Pete Hibbert hitting a 177. Gary Black recoding a 16 and 18 dart leg. The Comrades A lads played hots to the Pen Golf B, but the Commrades where in superb form in the singles with a 6-1 scorline, with 17 dart legs from Chris Jones and Bryn Hughes. The Commrades eventually winning the match 8-2.


Stephen “Spike” Roberts and the Pen Y Bryn team visited the Labour Club in Llandudno Junction, but the lads from the Labour club where in excellent form as the took a commanding 5-1 lead in the singles with wins by Jamie Quinn, Barry Davies who hit a 14 dart leg, Terry Quinn, Tommy Woodcock and my old dart practice mate Nigel Jones. But there was no let up as they inflicted further misery as they took another two doubles to take the match 7-2. The town house entertained the Virginnia Inn but the Town House had secured the victory in the singles with a healthy 5-1 scoreline and eventually winning the match 6-3. The Cross keys played host to the Kings Arms and are struggling to find some form as Mike Williams and his Kings Arms team took the match 9-0. Another team struggling to find the form of their previous season is the Llandudno Athletic who visited the Cross Keys Llandudno although this performance does show considerable improvement, but it was the Cross Keys who took all three  points with a 6-3 scoreline. A team that shows no dip in form is the Cricket club as they made short work of their visitors the Conwy Comrade B team. 

Stephen "Spike" Roberts

9th October 2018

Tony Anderton of the RAOB B Team with the late Eric Bristow

It was the turn of Dave Nolan and his RAOB B team to face the relentless force of the Maelgwyn A team, but unfortunatley the Maelgwyn continued with their form as they took a commanding 5-2 lead in the singles, with wins for Pete Lewis, Phil Smith, Pete Sim-Mutch, Kev Bisp and Ben Smith. In the doubles there was no let up as the Maelgwyn took all three games and recorded an 8-2 win. Special mention to Joey Cruze and Kev Moore who hit 180’s and both Ben Smith and Pete lewis who had checkout of 100. The Pen Golf A are showing their continuing improving form as the visited the Alex in Pen and came away worthy 7-3 winners, an a total of 3 x 180’s hit on the night by Paul Leech, Ian Jones and Keith Williams. The Conwy Comrades visited the Penrhyn Arms allthough the Commrades where short on the night, found that the Arms lads where in no mood to do any favours taking the match 8-2. Special mention to Dan Wilson who hit a 180 and had a 15 dart leg, along with John Griffiths and Gaz Howartson of the Arms who both hit 180. The RAOB A lads travelled to the Maelgwyn to play their B team, and secured the match in the singles with a 6-1 scoreline and then too all the doubles as well to record a 9-1 scoreline.

So after 4 weeks we see the Maelgwyn in dominating form at the top of the league with 12 points and ahead of the RAOB A team also on 12 points but with a poorer leg score. Can the RAOB A team stop the relentless march of the Maelgwyn?

We only have two result cards for the Round the Board received by last friday! As we mentioned previously, the write ups will only include those teams that we receive the resukt cards from.

The Cross Keys travelled to the Pen y Bryn B , but it seems it was trip well worth taking as they recorded a 6-3 win and took all three points. meanwhile down the road the Virginnia played host to the Labour club, but the Labour club showed their form as they came away with a very healthy 8-1 win which sees them top the League table, with the Cricket club in second place also on the same number of points but with a slightly poorer leg advantage.

16th October 2018- 1st Round League Cup

Written By Carl Elston

Apologies everyone for a slightly shorter report. In the round the board Cross keys llandudno and pen y Bryn B in a very tight match the pen y Bryn B coming out winners 5-4 on the night. Town house v Virginia with the Virginia taking the spoils 6-3.. Kings arms v cricket club The guys from cricket club being that bit too strong and running out winners 6-3 on the night. On to the 501 cup matches Alex pen causing a bit of an upset against an under par RAOB B winning 6-3. A big game in Conway with them playing host to the maelgwyn. Maelgwyn running away 9-1 winners with contributions from jim dorenbos with a 140 checkout and 18 dart leg and Pete Mutch with a 180. Neville v pen golf club With the pen golf guys winning with a 6-4 win with Dan Roberts of the Neville hitting a 180. A shorter version am afraid. But keep putting the achievements on the back of the card please so we can see who is playing well. This week’s prize of a half a lemon goes to jim dorenbos with his fantastic 140 checkout.