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I know many of you have been waiting for a while for this web site and for that I do apologise.
Please don’t expect everything to be working straight away, as I am going to be drip feeding the additional new elements once I know the core of the web site is functioning correctly.
I have tested the web site with various devices, such as laptops, iPhones, iPads and android phones and all seem to be functioning normally, but that doesn’t mean that there could be a potential problem. However, please ensure that you have cleared your cache history on your devices first. But if you still feel that a problem exists then please feel free to email me to

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Let me firstly inform you of some of the new functions of the web site

One of the main complaints directed at the committee was the lack of communication, despite the fact we where printing bulletins and getting these delivered to the venues, we are aware that sometime these get lost and are not handed out or placed on the notice board and  on a night out to play darts, the last thing many of you wish to do is to sit and read the latest bulletin! So this new web site is based on two distinct elements of an events based calendar and membership subscription.

All forthcoming events will be posted onto the web site and logged within the calendar settings. By scrolling down the front page you will be able to see all the featured events, dates and times and by clicking on any particular event being shown on the screen to go directly to that event and retrieve further information. You could also choose the option “News” from the menu and then chose the option Calendar from the sub menu.

The second part of the web site is a free membership subscription, without which, you will not be able to see the latest team and player league tables. All that is required to join as a member is a your name and email address and if you so wish any dart membership number you may have. This will open up an account in your name.

From this we can cross reference you against our darts database, and if currently registered as a Llandudno & District darts league player, allows us to send you specific emails that would  involve just your team or division alone, so for example if you where involved with a forthcoming cup match, to inform you via email where its taking place, against whom and the specific date. If registered as a captain, this will also allow us to give you far greater information. Communication from the committee to the members should improve considerably.

Another area this will eventually help us with is the various league run competitions. Apart from the league individual which every member should play in, all the other competitions are voluntary. Whether this be the charity pairs or the Christmas individual or any other competition, there is nothing more disheartening as a committee man to arrange a competition to find that only 4 players or less turn up from that division! But in fairness, we are also aware of the complaint made by many members that one of the reasons they don’t attend is the draw and the competition itself starting to late, which then results in late finish. Many times I have been told they somebody has not turned up because they have work the next day.

Once sufficient members have actually opened an account (and I would please ask all captains to encourage their players to do so), we can use the ticketing section of the calendar event system. So even if the competition was a paid or FREE event, it would have benefits to both the dart members and the committee. With pre-registration we could ensure that the draw was done well in advance, such as the day before the comp, and this be emailed out to all to all the members taking part, which would allow us to start earlier at  8 p.m and more importantly finish earlier, so our members can get back to their home venues or and allow those that have an early start the next day get away earlier. From a committee viewpoint, it would allow us to monitor the number of players taking part from each division and if insufficient numbers to email the players concerned (if a divisional comp) and offer them to play in a different division and should they decline to reimburse if appropriate and cancel the event. Saving the time and effort of the committee and allowing us to concentrate on those that wish to take part.

mobile handsHopefully it is becoming apparent that the new web site is designed to be far more interactive rather than be just information based.

Also within web site, as well as our own “Llandudno Darts Open” we will be promoting any open comps taking part in North Wales area and links directly back to their own website or facebook page.

Our committee man Mr Carl Elston is now responsible for inputting the result into the database and will also be doing a weekly write up, which will be found on this web site under the “News” section, with a copy of this then being placed on the facebook page a few days later. If you have any photos of your match night or even a photo of the result card or you’ve got a special mention for a forthcoming match you can send this to

If you go to our contacts page you can find a complete list of the various commitee men, their roles or projects and email addresses.

Obviously there is still far more to do, I need to update and include the rules section as soon as the AGM is finished. I will then be looking to create a portfolio of all the images that the Llandudno League have following that I need to get “Golden Goals” up and running again. I need to create a section regarding our “Youth Academy” being put together and run by our committee man Phil Smith. And next year working towards direct interaction, that the captain can put the match results directly online even off their phone.

The web site is far from being completed. There is so much more to be done over the coming weeks and months as it develops and grows.

I hope you enjoy this interactive web site

Rob Williams

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