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The latest rules up the latest AGM held on the 25th July 2017


History and facts of our league. This was written in 2007, by the then Secretary "Arthur Williams".

In memory of those players and officials who made this league. Over time I will try and enter in all those that have passed. However please feel free to nominate a player or official, but please supply name, photo and supporting text and email admin@llandudnodarts.co.uk

Llandudno & District Darts League

About us

As local dart players and officials, we get to enjoy our hobby and pastime in a beautiful part of the world.

Llandudno, “Queen of the Welsh Resorts”, a title first applied as early as 1864 ,is now the largest seaside resort in Wales, and lies on a flat isthmus of sand between the Welsh mainland and the Great Orme.

This wide sweep of sand, shingle and rock extends two miles in a graceful curve between the headlands of the Great Orme and the Little Orme.
For most of the length of Llandudnos North Shore there is a wide curving Victorian promenade, open to pedestrians and cyclists, and separated from the roadway by a strip of garden. The road, collectively known as The Parade, has a different name for each block and it is on these parades and crescents that many of Llandudnos hotels are built.
It boasts Great Britain’s only remaining cable-operated street tramway and one of few surviving in the world. It takes passengers from Llandudno Victoria Station to just below the summit of the Great Orme headland.

So if you ever visit our beautiful town for a darts competition why not bring your family along and let them enjoy the surrounding area.

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The Officials & Committee

Each and ever committee member is devoted to moving the dart league forward.

Peter Kerney

Peter Kerney


Rob Williams

Rob Williams


Greg Robbins

Greg Robbins


The Latest Rules

Rule 1.

The league shall  be known as the “Llandudno & District Darts League’’ and will be open to any Pub, Club, Institute or Similar body and can be made up of a men’s , ladies or mixed team. The divisions being made up of 8, 10, 12 teams as determined by the registrations at the AGM, for both the Winter and Summer League Seasons.

Rule 2 – Committee Format.

The league management committee shall consist of a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, Assistant Secretary and seven(7) committee members. The Secretary, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected as separate members and paid an annual honorarium.  Each committee man will be paid £10.00 per meeting attended and reviewed at a full committee meeting.

Rule 3 – Secretary’s Responsibilities.

The secretary shall be responsible for the daily running of the league. Maintaining minutes of all committee meetings and AGM and produce them at every meeting. The secretary will also be responsible for maintaining a full working committee and has full powers to opt on personnel as required, to fill any vacancy and maintain a full committee. In extreme circumstances the secretary has full power to make exceptional decisions, in the best interest of the league. The secretary will have full power to rearrange any league or cup fixtures should the situation arise. The secretary shall be responsible for convening a monthly committee meeting throughout the season.

Rule 4 – Treasure Responsibilities.

The league treasurer will be responsible for depositing all lague finances into the leagues bank account and shall only withdraw funds from a cheques, signed by the Treasurer and the Secretary. All accounts, receipts and expenses have to be presented at the monthly committee meeting, with the bank statement being sent direct t the league Chairman, who will read it out at every meeting.

Rule 5 – The League Annual General Meeting.

The AGM will be conviened at the end of every Winter season. The Treasurer will produce an  annual accounts sheet for the AGM and have them authorised by the league appointed auditor and produce a balance sheet for the AGM. The Secretary will send out a bulletin, inviting any legue registered member the chance to put forward any“ Notice of Motions’’to be discusse at the AGM with a closing date to submit them by. The member proposing the motion, must be present at the AGM, to explain their motion and clarify any questions asked. Only one (1) vote per member will be allowed in all voting. The Chairman wll have the casting vote and all rules are binding and can only be changed at the AGM by a majority vote from the members.

Rule 6 – Winter Season League Applications.

All applications for membership from teams for the Wnter Season, must be submitted by the teams elected representative at the AGM, with all fees. The formation of the league will be the Secretary’s responsibility after the AGM, dependant on teams registered. Tema swill be place din their respective divisions, in a fair basis and all league and cup matches, will be played on a Tuesday night when possible, but the league have the right to use Wednesday nihts when required. Registration will be extended to ladies teams, but they will not be permitted to serve on the League Committee. All players names must be entered on a separate players sheet, showing their full name and address as required by law. No player is a member of this league until this form or extra layer form is submitted to the league secretary and put on file. The payers entry form is t be returned to the secretary on the date set on the form. Each player who join the league, will be allocated a players number, which must be produced at all computerised draws. This number will be allotted to this player for up to two years after they leave the league.  

Rule 7 – Summer League Team Applications.

The Summer season is open to any team who wihes to oin over the sumer season, each division will be no more than six (6) teams playing the best of three legs of 501 and a team of six(6) players, but any umber of players may sign for a team, with winter rules on method of draw and darts applying, to the Summer Season. The league will organise an annual knockout competition with cash prizes and annua cup, to be held for 12 months. The league shall hold an annual presentation night, for awarding annual cups and trophies. All finances for the summer season, will be amalgamated with the winter season finances and produced at the AGM.

Rule 8 – Team Registration Fees.

The annual winter team registraions will be £65.00 per team, with discounts for more than one team in a venue, pyable at the AGM. The summer team registrations will be £45.00 per team payable before the season starts.

Rule 9 – Players Registration Fees.

Any numbr of players may be signed up for a team at a fee of £4.00 per player, per season. Player registration forms may be submitted to the secretary after the AGM or s arranged by the secretary. Extra players may be signed on throughout the season and providing that they have not already signed and played for another team. The team captain must submit a registration form and fee for these extra players to the league secretary, before the player may play for that team.

Rule 10 – Player Registration Closing Date.

The signing on of extra players, will be open throughout the year for the Winter and Summer seasons.

Rule 11 –  Player Transfers.

No player may tansfer from one team to another throughout the season. Teams may put in writing to the league secretary for permision to transfer a player and only at the league commitees consideration. Transfer fees are set at £5.00 pr player.

Rule 12 – Other Leagues.

Members of this league, may sign for other teams and leagues, outside of our area and players from other leagues, may sign for this league.

Rule 13 – League Method of Play

Premier Division One & Two, sven (7) man team, playingthe best of three legs of 501 and three doubles of one leg of 801. Away team have the darts in the first and thir leg of all games.                                 Divison One & Two, seven (7) man team, playing the best of three Round the Board and three doubles best of three Round the Board. Away team have the darts in the first and third leg of all games. All doubles up to ten count. The first double hit, will be the finishing double, with any bull, 25 or 50.            In the event of  a draw, the home team will throw again from 19. If rawn again, the away team will start again from 19. If still a draw, the marker will toss a coin to see who goes first.

The home team will be responsible or providing a marker and all highest shot outs and 180’s in 501 will be recorded and all least darts in Round the Board, need to be recorded on the result card, for prizes o be awarded at the end of the season. All leg scores and final score sto be recorded on the result card and signed by both captains.

In all league matches, three points will be awrded for a win and oe point for a draw. The match score aggregate will count in all league matches.  

Rule 14 – Throwing Distance.

The length of throw shall be 7ft 9.25ins (2.37 metres) from the Oche along the floor to a plumb line at the face of the dartboard. The diagonal distance from the Centre Bull to the back of the raised Oche at the floor level shall measure 9ft 7.5ins (2.93 metres).

Players may stand up to or behind the fender, but not over, players may use any type of darts to suite themselves, venues must supply a good bristle darts board with adequate lighting, each venue will also be responsible for a darts notice board adjacent to your darts area for showing all the league correspondence for all to read, and not left behind the Bar

Rule 15 – Electronic Score Boards

No electronic scoring machines will be allowed to score any league or cup fixture match, all matches to be scored on to a black board and chalk.

However, an exception will be made providing a team member copies each and every score achieved by both players on to a black board, then a team may use an electronic scoring machines providing that this is with the approval of the visiting captain.

Rule 16 – Method of Draw

The following applies for both league and cup matches and is applicable to all divisions. Each team captain will place each of his players names that he wishes to play face down.

The visiting team captain will then choose and turn over one of the home team player names and this name will be recorded on the result card. The home team captain will then choose and turn over one of the visiting team players as the player drawn against this home team player. This method will then repeat until all players are matched up. Away teams may play a player twice if short, this is drawn blind by the home team captain. This rule may be used once in the first and once in the second half of the season.

Once these names are recorded, that will be the team line up for the nights play and they must not be changed in any way, unless agreed by both captains. These names will then be placed on the darts draw board, with the home team captain being responsible for transferring these names in block letters on to the match result card. Making sure it is filled in correctly with both captains signatures, together will each players membership number.

An exception to this can be made providing both captains are agreeable for a game to be moved to a later stage. However, it is the responsibility of the captain with the player missing to obtain this approval from the opposing captain PRIOR to the draw being made. If a player is still missing when required to play, then the win will be awarded to the opponent.

Rule 17 – Game Commencement

All teams to be in attendance by 8.00pm and matches to be commenced by 8.15pm prompt.

Rule 18 – Result Cards

The home team captain is responsible for the match result card and making sure that all information is recorded correctly, with both team captains signing the card and to show all player registration numbers and all match results.  All result cards are to be with the secretary/ assistant secretary by close of play on the Friday after the match played.

Late result cards will incur a £10.00 fine for the team and if not paid within ten days, points may be deducted. Any team failing to turn up for a league fixture, will be automatically fined £20.00, with £10.00  going to the league and the other £10.00 going to the other team, for inconvenience and loss of trade.

Rule 19 –  Cup Matches

These will be introduced throughout the season as arranged by the league committee.

THE LEAGUE CUP played in all three divisions will as per league fixtures. Premier division One  & Two League will be best of three legs of 501, Seven (7) player team, three doubles of 801. Round the Board League cup matches will be best of three legs, seven (7) Player team, plus three doubles. In the event of a drawn match, at the first meeting, both team captains will arrange a replay date at the opposing teams venue in agreement with both teams, in the event of a drawn match again both team captains will nominate one player to play one more game.

Any teams unable to arrange a mutually agreeable date for drawn cup matches, will have this date arranged by the Secretary and must be played on this date with no further concessions.

THE H0USE/ INTERLEAGUE CUP will be of best of three legs of 501, seven (7) player team played throughout the divisions, all semi final and final Cup matches will be played at a neutral venue as arranged by the league committee,.


In the event of a drawn match in the semi final and final cup matches, the committee man in attendance will then ask both captains to lay out their team and the singles then re draw, no changes to the players allowed, toss for darts first game then every other, if the singles games again ends in a draw, both team captains will be asked to nominate three players to play off for a result, with names  then placed face down and drawn out playing just one game, toss for darts each game. The host venue will be requested to organise the night and to supply a marker and kindly donate a raffle prize of £20.00 for the league funds, any further funds raised on the night to go to the home teams funds the league have the right to introduce any other cup matches should the situation arise under rule 19 – Cup Matches.

League Individuals, will be open to all league members to enter, to find an overall 501 champion and a Round the Board champion. There will be seperate competitions for ladies ( dependant on attendance).

In all competitions, the winner marks the next game, for the first two rounds, then it reverts to the loser marks.

Rule 20 – Complaints   

In the case of any disputes, the referees decision as far as the actual match is concerned on the night shall be final, however team captains may submit a letter of complaint addressed to the league secretary immediately after the offending match, within twenty four hours, no matches are to be cancelled or claimed, the league committee will then decide on any complaint put forward and if necessary invite both captains to attend the meeting, the committees decision will then be final, any player reported for unsporting or bad behaviour etc. and if proved by the league, will be banned  from this league for a period determined by the league committee, any league member who has a personal ban imposed on them from any pub or club within our league, this league has no power to grant the player entry and must be left out of your team when visiting this venue.

Rule 21 – Promotion and Relegation

The top two teams of each division will be automatically promoted to a higher division, the two bottom teams of each division will be relegated to a lower division, the  Premier Division one and two 501 League, will remain as an invitation league with no promotion From Round the Board, or relegation from the 501 league to Round the Board divisions will occur.

Only two players from a team may play for a team one division lower, from where they played last year.

Rule 22 – Cups & Trophies

The league will hold an annual prize giving night at the end of both the Winter and Summer League seasons, Winning teams and players will be awarded trophies to keep and the league annual challenge cups which they will hold until required for the next presentation, winning team venues will take responsibility for these challenge cups under the home venue insurance and keep them in a clean and tidy condition for collection, any of these cups returned not cleaned, the team involved will be sent a bill for the cleaning  or for their replacement if found damaged.

Rule 23 – Sponsorship

The League will accept sponsorship and adverts to supplement the league finances whenever possible, sponsors will be given full publicity of the leagues association with them etc. Members are also encouraged to support these sponsors businesses whenever possible, all venues and members who have access to a computer and submit their e-mail address will each week have access to the league web site on the internet, full of interesting information of our darts league etc.

All league events will be held at league sponsored venues, but all events will be open to all league registered venues to place a bid, to have these events held at their premises.


The Spirit of which this darts league is formed, is to foster friendship and enjoyment in our game of darts and shall be the prevailing keynote at all times, whether playing at home or away with a reminder that whilst we play our enjoyable indoor sport of darts in our friends the licensees and clubs premises, we are at all times guests and common sense must prevail.


Mr Robert Williams – League Chairman.

Mr Peter Kearney – League Secretary.

Mr Greg Robbins – League Treasurer.

Mr Peter Jones – League President.

Mr John Sumbland – Vice President.

Mr Peter Hibbert – Vice President.


Mr Geoff Smith – Vice Chairman.

Mr Eiffion Williams. Mr Chris Jones. Mr Cliff Astill. Mr Dave Nolan.

Mr Mike Castro. Mr Phil Smith.


League Secretary: P. Kearney 07752248292  


League Chairman :R. Williams 01492 872594 chairman@llandudnodarts.co.uk

www.llandudnodarts.co.uk    or   Facebook.

League History

The following was written by Arthur Williams who sadly passed away in April 2013, this however was written in 2007 who as Secretary of this league, had many memories.

We all are very excited; that after many years, our popular darts league is now moving with the times and joining the computer age with our own league web site which I feel sure will include a lot of interesting reading. Since acquiring a computer a few years back it has opened up the world of darts with the ability to log on to other darts leagues and many members in our league who have access to a computer and have sent us their email addresses which has allowed them to enjoy weekly darts result and tables being sent to them. Now those members will be able to enjoy the benefits of our new web site as I am sure as will many of our new members who log on.

How well I remember being up in the attic of my home with the old “Ronio” duplicating machine, printing bulletins and then coming down covered in ink! Then along came the “Olivetti” typewriter, and going through bottles of correction fluids! So although I still have long way to go to learn these mind boggling computers it has really helped me, Over the years we also have had wonderful support from our local press with “The North Wales Weekly News” and our friend the sports editor Mr Tim Channon. Every week I have submitted news of darts from around the area for publication with Tim, but having to appreciate the limited space available as Tim had cater for all the other sports around the area which as a result has not always done justice to our area darts.

We note that with the TV coverage, at long last our popular indoor sport of darts has now been officially accepted as a recognised sport, and quite rightly so. Over the years many interesting things have taken place in our league, and I have also made a lot of friends, and I have been asked to make and introduction for this our new web site, and to go back over 50 years. It is quite a strain for this old man, so if I do miss anyone out my apologies but don’t be afraid to let us know as we will include a forum for letters and questions which will be available in this new set up.

To begin with, our darts league will be 50 years old in 2008. In the early years of the 1950s we only played the ‘Round the board’ method or as some call it ‘The Clock method’. Whilst we did produce some truly cracking players, overall, it did not keep us up to the same standard as the other leagues around the country who where playing 501. This was felt far more, when we players took part in the 501 games like the ‘News of the World’, etc. However we did boast two great players who did well in this competition, the greatAlf Ward of Colwyn Bay, andMerick Roberts. Our darts league did start early in the 1950’s, but as teams were being put together after the war, it grew considerably and at that time was called the “Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Darts League”. This was eventually changed when the Colwyn Bay area formed their own league under the banner of the “Gwalia Darts League” with a good friend of ours running it namely “Arthur Holland”, who also boasts a long time as their secretary. We also saw the introduction of a ladies own league being run by the then secretary Ellie Corris, this is still going very strong to this day and has some lady county players in their league, and some who have joined our mixed teams also.

Over the years the league has been very charity minded, with our players always giving us their wonderful support to charity events and competitions and digging deep in their pockets. The proceeds for many years went to the very deserving “Guide Dogs For The Blind” associations, and we are the proud owners of two guide dogs replicas, which at the time there were only five in the whole country! We still have our charity pair’s competitions every year with donations now going to deserving local charities like the St David’s Hospice, and Children’s hospice, the “Llandudno Life Boat” funds, and this year we donated proceeds to our local “ASDA” store for the “Tickled Pink” charity for which is run with the hard work of the local staff. To start this years 2007 charity pairs, we sincerely thankMr & Mrs Ken Roberts of the Pen y Bryn Hotel in LLanfairfechan, who have started the funds with a donation of £100 and remembering that Mr Ken Roberts is our past president and is still a vice president of our league.

Over the years, our league has seen many teams come and go, and we now have many players who are quite at home with the 501 as they are with Round the Board, sadly we also have seen a lot of our dedicated members pass away over the years, but it was pleasing to note that a lot of younger player are taking up our sport(and have kept me young at heart) The league also made a lot of friends when we organised inter league matches, from as far away as Eastwood in Nottingham when no less than three coach loads arrived each year for the Annual big games with all due thanks to the very keen secretary“TerryBuckley”, unfortunately those glory days have passed as the cost of transport is beyond our members pockets.

My own darts career started in the late 1950s when I worked in a local shop (“Enoch’s”) as a qualified fish and poultry monger, and the local hotel nearby, namely The Castle Hotel in Llandudno, invited me to join them, which in those days meant playing with wooden darts, how many of you remember them? Having to put the feathers over a hot steam kettle before going out and feeling the back hand of my mother for letting the kettle boil dry once! I then moved on to other teams around the town, never any good but enjoyed my darts, I then joined the league committee in 1967, when the late “John Pike” ran the league, then at a big annual general meeting in 1970 I was elected the hon. league secretary, coming home to tell my wife “Phyllis” what I had done! And I threw my case in first, but she has been by my side all these years through thick and thin and next year we celebrate our golden wedding, without her I would never have been able to dedicate my life to our league and Darts, and whilst we the men bask in the glory, let us not forget our lady wives who are always there to support us. I am now in my 38th year as the league secretary, so I must have done something right for the members to vote me back every year, unfortunately, some did not share my views, glad to say though they are few and far between, but that goes with the job, but it does not hinder any friendship I have with them.

I now reach the age of 75 and am very proud to have been part of the darts for so many years, and a lot of interesting events and stories, over the years I have worked with many committees, who always gave 100% and for the past few years, we are very honoured to have League president who is a very popular figure in the area namely councillor Mr Billy Evans, who was also a member of the welsh football association, and is currently the chairman of the local British Legion Club and President of the British Legion Association in Llandudno, and every year, we play off for the president shields which is kindly sponsored by himself, we are sincerely glad to have him as our president and he always has a hands on approach to our league. We in this area are also very fortunate to have the great venues to hold our big competitions fielding eight or more darts boards, the British Legion Club in Llandudno, The new big set up at the Labour Club in Llandudno Junction, and not forgetting the great nights we have had at the Old Hotpoint Club, which we are hoping to use again this year in its new role of the local community centre, who are working hard to build it up. The late ‘Joe Moore’ up to the end held the purse strings of our league finances as the league treasurer and kept a tight grip and helped put our league where it is to day, then our committee man Geoff Smith took over from Joe and this mantle has now passed further on to our present treasurer who is GregRobbins a very good darts player in his own right and a member of the local Kings Arms Team, Greg is also a contracts manager with the local “Robin Jones” haulage firm so as you can imagine Greg is no stranger to figures! Doing a great job and is also very computer minded so I have to watch myself! Whilst you may think I am bowing my own trumpet so to speak, they have asked me to include all this, but at this stage I must also take this opportunity of mentioning another dedicated member of this darts league who joined even before me, namely, Len Williams, he dates back many years, even before I started on the darts board, and only just two years ago was the figure-head of our league being a very strong and dedicated chairman, sadly Len had a very bad illness and being the sportsman he is, felt he could no longer devote all his time to our darts league, time is a great healer and glad to say Len is now still a very active member of our management committee, our current chairman is now Peter Kearney, and whilst his current job of being a representative of “Trawlers UK” and travelling all over the country, he to has a hands-on approach and now with the marvel of e-mails and computers keeps up to date with the day to day running of the league, Len and I very often look back at the tales we could tell some funny, some sad, I am still reminded of the time I got out super league team lost on our way to darts match in the town of Barmouth, I took a 60 foot coach down lanes that where actually touching the side of the coach with the wonderful driving of my then coach driver Les Parkinson, and I still have the replica of a level crossing presented to me after going round and round and kept landing up in the same place on this level crossing! But the funniest moment occoured when it had turned dark, as we had to try and turn the bus round, Len Williams went to ask in one house if he could open the double gates to back the bus in, all we could hear was Len running and the dogs chasing him! I always said Len could jump over Blackpool tower and land on his feet. Len as the then chairman of the Gwynedd Darts Organisation, along with myself and Vice President Ron Corris, were invited to the Portmadoc darts league presentation night, as and being good guests we bought many raffle tickets, however when the draw was made later in the night both Ron and myself beat a hasty retreat out of the room after Len Williams had won the first four top prizes on the run!

Just one more before I move on, any one with a weak disposition don’t read, with another hilarious night out in our super league matches, one night on our victorious return from a match on the Isle of Anglesey, our coach broke down just before we got home, and as we had all had our fill so to speak, waiting for the spare coach to arrive we of course had to go to the back of the bus to relive ourselves, when the driver of the replacement coach eventually came out, he went to the back of the coach,and put his hand on the floor where we had previously relieved ourselves. As he stood up with his now wet hand his comment was,  “that’s the trouble it’s a diesel leak!, back to the serious stuff.

Many years ago I had the honour of being asked by the then “Welsh Darts Organisation” secretary, Roy Smith from Pontypridd, if I would organise a County Darts Organisation based around the then Gwynedd area. I wrote to all secretaries and from then we never looked back, the late Jack Gibbons of Portmadoc took over the office of secretary and it is now run by the very hard working secretary John Williams and his dedicated committee under the heading of the “Gwynedd County Darts Organisation” who are also part of the British Darts organisation and the county teams are currently enjoying some good results, I for one know the hard work   puts in travelling to meetings and the organisation behind the scenes, he also has dedicated many years to the Gwynedd County, and has brought players together from all over our county which really does foster good friendships, in those early days we in our league also had two super league teams in this county organisation and travelled quite a lot and had late nights back!! We also held our own producing some top players, Dave (Bandbox) Thomas, the late great Mick McDermott, Howie Hornsby, Bruce Keenerly, Brian Holland and Chris Jones, both of which went on to represent Wales, just to name a few, with one team captained by a man of great experience of darts coming from South Wales, namely Wilf Reynolds, then I was given the job of Gwynedd representative to go all the way to meetings in south Wales, how I remember them, a hell of a drive and such a long day it really was bed to work, and paid for the petrol out of my own pocket each month, no such thing as expenses in those days, and only time for a boiled egg before setting off!! But once again made many friends and one in particular was the late great Bill Greenough of Abergele, when just the two of us had to represent the whole of North Wales! Another proud moment was in the 1980s of being assistant Wales Team manager to Roy Smith at the International matches in Tottenham London, which also saw Chris Jones and Dave Noaks of our league start their international career, which also saw on this big day a young player by the name of Eric Bristow make his appearance at only 19 years of age, the rest as they say is history, I was approached to take over the organising of the North West Wales “News of the World Competition” I had many enjoyable years, making many friends which also launched our own “Martin Phillips” who only just recently has been in the World professional darts championships on BBC 2 from Lakeside, John Lowe became my favourite and good friend, visiting our area quite a lot, as did the other Wales Player, the late great “Leighton Rees”, becoming great friends with our then committee man “Jock Thompson” and his wife Betty who then ran the Ladies Leagues in our area, “Viv Davies” of Ruthin was my counterpart in this News Of The World running the North East Wales Area, our proudest moment was when the great “Mick McDermott” a member of our famous Snowdon Hotel team with mine hosts Ron and Ellie Corris, won the all Wales “News Of The World Championship” at Pontins Holiday camp in Prestatyn, beating the former news of the world champion “Leighton Rees”, what a night, a capacity crowd saw thrilling games of darts all night with the crowning glory of Mick winning, in the grand finals in London Mick played his heart out and went out with a good fight but that big stage in Alexandra palace was nerve raking, and as many admitted it did effect their game, sadly Mick passed away, a great loss to darts as whilst he was Irish and lived locally, he was a real gentleman on and off the darts board a great ambassador for our league and the game of darts and was affectionately called “Taff”.

Mick’s fame resulted in developing our friendship with the Eastwood and District Darts and domino league after one of their committee met Mick in his local Snowdon hotel, at the time this pub was the centre of darts in our area, boasting all the top players going on to clean sweep all the cups etc, and was led by a keen team captain “Bob Mesham”, who was also a police sergeant, so they were all sober going home at night! But seriously Bob did a good job I believe he is in the met police in London now, if he should read this, get in touch Bob, I for one would like to hear from him again, how many players remember the date of the introduction of brass darts etc, other job I was given was to organise this launch in our area by the “Unicorn Darts Company” who organised at the same time a big knock out competition for which Phyllis and myself were invited to London where I had the honour of being an official, I still have my badge, a bit worn though. Yes it was in the year of 1975 when the brass darts were introduced and what a change over from wood darts. Some will remember an inter league match up in the town of Blaenau Ffestiniog, when one of our league players Gwylim Davies hit a 180 with wooden darts to a big applause of the crowd. Another moment was when our top league player at the time Brian Holland and I were invited to the ITV studious in Cardiff for a televised recoding of the “Brains Brewery” knockout competition, free beer on the night; I had to hold Brian back! The recording took all night, with Brian going out in the semi finals to the late Leighton Rees two legs to one, this was shown on a weekly basis and I was always shown in picture with a good view of the board, and was often asked if I travelled down every week, I should have claimed a travelling fee, but it was a great night, and then travelling home all night just in time for work next day at the Hotpoint factory. Looking back how on earth did we do these things!

As our league has progressed over the years and our indoor sport has seen the price rises etc, we turned our attention to the breweries for some support, my first visit was to the then “Ind Coupe brewery”, in a big office with no selling experience I came away with £100 sponsorship, which was a lot in those days. Since then we have had some wonderful support from the other breweries and businesses, our main sponsor now being “The Coors” Brewery” which started with the very kind help of the area rep Arthur Roberts, who now has got a higher position I gather, and we are now in the hands ofMr John Rhyader, and just lately we are having great support from the“Carlsberg Brewery”, and I make no apologies for including in this introduction the wonderful support of other businesses who sponsor us, MrEmlyn H, Roberts, Funeral director,(sorry, but we have heard all the jokes), not only a sponsorship but a very big cup which we have introduced into the league and takes two to lift it,Mr Gary Mason of Samson service and repairs andMrs Dilys Doyle of the local Cross Keys Inn in the village of Penrhyn Side, in concluding, these are just a few snippets of our long years, I am sure there are a lot more stories that our past members remember, so feel free to send them in to our forum, and if you have any questions etc, I will try and answer them.

Due to my brush with the dreaded “C” and two major operations, my son Rob Williams has now been officially co-opted on to our committee in the office of assistant secretary, to help me in our busy league, he is also the brains behind this new venture of our web site, They now call me THE GODFARTHER! I picked up some darts over the Xmas period as I bought my grand son a darts board, no good I will stick to my biro! He is turning out a cracking little player at only eight years of age, and has the stance of my idol John Lowe!

He will be open for offers in a few years time! I would like to take this opportunity of thanking most sincerely every one who has supported me personally over these years, with thanks going also to all our licensee friends and club officials for letting us play our darts in these venues.

Don’t forget any stories you have from the past just let us know and we’ll include them here.

Good Darts

In Memory

Arthur Williams

Served as secretary of the league for a period of 43 years.

Arthur passed away in April 2013, and his dedication for the game that he loved was with him till the day he died, with him doing work on his laptop till the very end.

Arthur Williams
len williams
Len Williams

Len Williams

Served as Chairman of the dart league for many years until ill health forced him to stand down.  A committee man for over 40 years, he still remained on the committee up to his passing in 2011.

Norman Jones

You where always assured of a warm welcome from Norman as Licencee and proprietor of the Nevill.

Norman was president of our league for many years, and was always willing to help the darts league in any way possible.

Norman passed away in May 2012

Norman Jones
Ifor Davies
Ifor Davies

Ifor Davies

A dart player known throughout the dart fraternity of the country. Super League and County player.

He used to travel a 50 mile round trip every Tuesday just to play darts in our league. With his last team being the Penrhyn Arms.

Lee “Bomber” Harris

A larger than life character who was a true gentleman. Lee was an excellent dart player who had started out his dart career playing “round the board” and then switching to “501”. Each year saw Lee continually improve his dart game.  His sudden death in June 2018 shocked many within the Llandudno darts fraternity and will be greatly missed by all, none more so than his team mates at the RAOB club.


I am fully aware that there are many more deceased members who need to be included in this section. So if you have a photo, when they passed and a very short obituary then please forward this to me at admin@llandudnodarts.co.uk. Meanwhile I will continue to input these past members as I find more photos and details.