2017 Summer League Write Ups

Match reports for games played on 8/8/2017

Good morning everybody , another eventful Tuesday night with some brilliant darts through all 3 divisions.

Division 1.

penrhyn old hall v RAOB ‘B’

on the scorecard this looks like a huge win for the Buffs but closer inspection shows that is not the case. The buffs winning all 6 singles with notable darts from Rango with a 180 and also Brian tidswell with a 180 and a 17 dart leg. But the old hall did win 2 of the doubles.

RAOB ‘A’ v Conway comrades.

Again the scorecard doesn’t reflect the game as this was a cracker of a match.

The first game between andy jones and mike Roberts set the tone for the evening mike with an 18 dart leg only for andy to hit back with an 18 dart leg on his throw. The last leg andy out in 14 darts against the throw. Hitting 2x 180 in the process. Also notable contributions from swin with a 17 and 18 dart leg and an 18 dart leg from bryn Hughes.

Last game

penrhyn arms v maelgwyn

the maelgwyn went daft on the night winning 9/0 and only dropped one leg. Notable and if am not mistaken a new high finish of 127 from Ben smith. Good darts Ben.

Division 2.

cross keys penrhynside v Neville A.

A huge win for the Neville lads with a 9-0 win and didn’t drop a single leg.

pen golf v Neville B.

A closer game with the Neville coming out on top with a 5-4 win, yet another 180 from mike castro who seems to be running away with the 180’s this season. Am getting bored of seeing MIKE 180 every week. Haha. Well done pal.

neville C v crossville.

another close game and some very notable contributions. The home side winning 5-4 with danny Brennan hitting 17 and 20 darts, ┬áIan Ashley and Brian also with 19 dart legs, looked a good match. It’s a big shame the crossville could be leaving the league, I hope they change their minds.

division 3.

now looking like runaway leaders the cricket club with an 8-1 away win at the pen y bryn only dropping one leg in the doubles, a very dominant performance.

town house v labour ladies

the home team coming out 7-2 winners with a good win for Sheila Lloyd.

alex pen v west shore.

another close game with the singles being very close. With the Alex winning 2 of the doubles but the west shore winning 5-4 on the night.

so as you can see a lot of good games this evening.

a few silly prizes for one or two.

andy jones to receive the right hand side of a kit Kat for his 31.2 average.

mike Roberts to receive the left hand side of the kit Kat.

ben smith to receive a half eaten magnum for his 127.

mike castro to receive a pair of right handed handcuffs as a reward for another 180. Handcuffs to tether his right arm to a chair.

Sheila Lloyd to receive half a custard cream for her winning contribution.

last game of the summer season this Tuesday with plenty up for grabs.

div 1 players league with andy jones and Gary black locked together.

All the Neville teams in with a shout of glory.

Thanks all for reading my diatribe any mistakes are my fault as normal but it’s a bit of fun writing this.

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