2017 Summer League Write Ups

Match reports 15/08/2017

Hello everyone.

match reports for 15/08/2017.

the final round of matches for this years summer league.

Division 1 and 3 have already been decided with only division 2 going to the final night.

division 1.

penrhyn arms v Conway comrades.

some good games here on the night

but some good contributions on both sides , notables from bryn Hughes with a 16 dart leg including a 180 and another 100+ finish for mike Roberts 106.

league champions maelgwyn and a big well done to them. Playing the penrhyn old hall.

The home team running out 8-1 winners on the night with contributions from Jim dorenbos with a 15 dart leg and 114 finish. Also another 180 from Pete Mitch and a cracking 14 dart leg from Syd Williams.

RAOB ‘ B ‘ v RAOB ‘ A ‘.

quite possibly the best game on the night in the league. Really was a nip and tuck match with the A just pinching this 5-4 . The ‘ B ‘ team really pushed us. A few notable contributions namely 180’s from Gary black, swin, and lee Harris . Also a 15 dart leg coupled with a 112 and 116 finish and am pretty sure andy would agree that tony pushed him all the way. Also a 105 finish from Brian tidswell. A quality night.

division 2

crossville v pen golf

looked a very close game with the crossville nick the win 5-4. I would like to say it’s quite sad the crossville are leaving us for the winter.

Neville ‘B’ v cross keys penrhynside

with the cross keys not attending this week the ‘B ‘ given the win by Pete Kearney of 5-4.

neville ‘A’ v Neville ‘c’

the nev c team getting the win with a 6-3 win.

division 3.

champions the cricket club actually lost this and fair play to Alex pen coming back from 4-3 down to seal a dramatic 5-4 win. Also 180’s from Dave Grimshaw and John Gregory with John Gregory with a 138 finish and a 12 dart leg absolutely brilliant darts.

west shore club v townhouse

runners up west shore winning 5-4 but with a big comeback from the townhouse in the doubles. A 180 from JJ great darts.

Labour club v pen y bryn

the pen y bryn winning 7-2 on the night.

its been a cracking summer league with some brilliant darts thrown and games played.

division 1

champions: maelgwyn

runners up RAOB A

Division 2

champions: Neville A

runners up : Neville C

division 3

champions : cricket club

runners up : west shore.


individual winner Andy Jones RAOB A with 27 points.


Mike Castro and jat acky both with 30 points.


Paul Thornton with 30 points.

Division 1 highest finish Ben smith 127

division 1 lowest darts Pete mutch 13 darts.

highest amount of 180′ s

mike castro.

overall winner of highest finish and lowest darts goes to John Gregory of the cricket club with a high finish of 138 and 12 dart leg.

so as you can all see it’s been a cracking summer league.

Summer league presentation at the RAOB club on 25 th august.

i hope you have enjoyed my reports up to now. It’s a bit of fun but it can only be fun with your contributions so please keep making notes on the back of the cards.

Thank you all for reading this on the sabbath.

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