Llandudno and District Darts League

There are some result cards still missing for the the “Round The Board”, last weeks game with the Alex Llandudno versus the Pen Y Bryn, and the week prior with the Virginnia home game.

Next week will see our christmas competition being held at the Nevill. This will be a divisional competition. Registration can be done by this friday for £3 per player. Registration can be done on the night but please note this will be £5 with the additional funds being set aside for charity. Registration will close by 7:50 as per our last competition, with the draw and first game on the oche by 8pm.

Appologies to Carl Elston who has been doing the weekly write up but due too some personal issues I have not updated the web site. Please find below Carl’s write up from the previous weeks.


4th December 208

Hello everybody and welcome to this week’s match report.
Yet again we start the report from the RTB league as again they got more cards in.
We start this week in penrhynside where the cross keys took on the cricket club.
John Brown is first on and getting the keys off to a good start with a 2-0 win over Tom Thornton.
Robin on next for the home team but going down 0-2 to Malcolm Sprague.
Derek groves and Gareth Hughes on 3 and 4 and both winning on their deciding games over Paul Thornton and Andy Christian respectively.
Gareth Davies in at 5 and losing out 1-2 against Chris hornickle with Colin Williams on last and also going down 0-2 to John Gregory. 3-3 after the singles and with the cricket club winning the doubles 1-2 to secure a narrow 4-5 win.
Next game saw league leaders the Labour club take on the cross keys llandudno.
Barry Davies on first and winning 2-0 against Liz Maguire, Kevin Quinn also scoring a 2-0 win over Phil Kearney.
Richie Hughes in at 3 and going down 0-2 to Carl wedge. With Nigel Jones, Jamie Quinn and Terry Quinn also winning 2-0 against Mike Jones, Simon Kearney and Andy consterdine respectively and a clean sweep in the doubles saw a Labour club victory 8-1. A good win.
In that game saw a 15 dart leg for Carl wedge and a 12 dart leg from Kevin Quinn,, good darts guys.
Staying local for the next game saw town house take on Conway comrades
On first was Dave Philip’s who lost 1-2 to Ian eardley with Bertie also winning for the comrades with a 1-2 win over Steve Jones.
Colin Davies on at 3 but can’t hold back Paul Eastwood who wins 0-2 a good start from Conway.
Terry Thomas on 4th and getting a much needed home win 2-0 over Lee Jones, Robbie babbs getting the town house another win 2-1 over Kevin lea,,with Matt entwistle winning 2-1 against Gary Roberts it’s all square in to the doubles. Conway winning all 3 doubles to take a 3-6 away win.
Last card saw the pen y Bryn B take on the kings arms with Kyle Jones for the home team losing in the decider 1-2 against Rob Thorpe. Carl Roberts up next and winning 2-1 against Brian beacher, eifion at 3 and winning 2-0 over Mike Thomas,, David Williams on at 4 and going down 0-2 to an in form Mike williams, cain Jones on at 5 and getting a 2-1 win against Barry Nolan, wi th Sarah Jones on last but going down to a 0-2 loss against Chris Lynton, with the kings taking all of the doubles for a good 3-6 away win.
On to the 501 league and only 2 cards to report on 😡😡😡😡.
First card in was the RAOB B against the maelgwyn B
JJ on first and getting the B off to a good start with a 2-0 win against Glyn chambers. Mitch Morgan on at 2 and losing out 0-2 to a steady bob Wilson, Tony anderton in at 3 and getting a 2-1 home win followed by Alan Williams with a 2-0 win over Macaulay, Mike williams also winning 2-0 against San Tidwell. Captain marvel Dave Nolan on at 6 and missing out 1-2 against John Evans with Danny Owen courtesy of an 18 dart leg and 127 check out scoring a 2-0 win over James mason. If there was a January transfer window I think Danny Owen would be high on a few teams lists. Good darts Danny. With the B winning 2-1 in the doubles for a 7-3 home win.
Last card for the 501 league saw the penrhyn arms take on the RAOB A in a second v third tussle.
First up is Chris Yates against Richie protheroe AGAIN on 1st. With Richie edging it 0-2 closer than it looked, gaz howatson on at 2 and getting things all square with a 2-0 win over Andy hall, Sam Bradley on at 3 and winning 2-0 over captain Hibbert including a 180 and a brilliant 14 dart leg, Sam rarely has a bad game against us. Tom barret on next and going down 0-2 to a back in form Gary black with a great 16 dart leg, mark Williams on at 5 and going down 0-2 to swin who is back in form with a 17 and 16 dart leg which nearly included back to back 180’s an unlucky bounce out. John Griffiths on next and going down to mal Mullin very steady in a 0-2 win. The arms 1 short so Carl sat the singles out.
With the RAOB taking the doubles 1-2 for a solid 3-7 away win.
That concludes this week’s report.
I have been generous this week and giving an extra day for cards to arrive, it didn’t happen. Unfortunately it’s the 501 league letting things down and this must improve, there is no excuse to drop the cards off the RTB guys manage it.
Can we try and get it right for next week’s final games before Christmas so i can do a proper report that includes everybody.
Thanks all.

27th November 2018

Hello everyone it’s weekly report time for games played 27/11/2018. Again as the RTB sent me more cards they get the honour of going first again. We start this week at the kings arms who played host to llandudno athletic aka the Alex. First on tonight is Mr dependable Brian beacher who keeps up his form with a 2-0 win over Danny Talbot. Next to the of be is Ian Adamson who lost 0-2 to Steve Williams. In at 3 is Mikey Williams who scored a 2-0 win over oggy Williams. On 4th is Dave roberts who narrowly lost 1-2 to Iain Ashley, next up is Rob Thorpe who including a great 15 dart leg in a 2-0 win against Mike Williams. Last singles is Chris Lynton who won 2-0 against Luke Regan. With the kings taking all 3 doubles and running out 7-2 winners on the night. Next game is cricket club up against league leaders the Labour club. First game on is Andy Christian getting a 2-0 win over Richie Hughes. Up next is Paul Thornton who went down 0-2 to Nigel Jones. Chris hornickle up next and getting a narrow 2-1 win over Kevin Quinn. An equaliser for the Quinn’s came next as Jamie Quinn narrowly edged out Tom Thornton 1-2. John Gregory on at 5 against Terry Quinn and edging a 2-1 win. Last singles saw Malcolm Sprague going down 0-2 to Barry Davies. With the Labour club winning all 3 doubles for a 6-3 away win and continue their season playing very well. Game 3 saw cross keys llandudno take on local rivals the townhouse. Carl wedge on first tonight against Terry Thomas with Terry getting town House off to a good start with a 0-2 win. Phil Kearney up next and was edged out 1-2 against Matt entwistle. Mark cousins on next and losing 0-2 to rob babbs. In at 4 is mike Jones against Dave Philip’s with Dave winning 1-2. On at 5 is Bernie Bates winning 2-0 against Colin Davis. On last is Simon Kearney who went down 0-2 to Steve Jones. With the townhouse winning 2-1 in the doubles for a 2-7 away win. Last card received was the pen y Bryn A playing host to the cross keys penrhynside. On first is Myra Jones going down 1-2 to Gareth Davies. Sian Owen on at 2 and winning for the second week in a row with a 2-0 win over robin Fitzpatrick. Pete viney on at 3 and going down 0-2 to Gareth Hughes. Richard Williams on next and winning 2-0 against Derek groves. Trevor Kearney on next and losing 0-2 to John Brown. The home team being a player short so Colin Williams getting the win 0-2. With the keys winning 2 of the doubles they get a good away win 6-3. We move on to the 501 games for this week. First report cones from the maelgwyn B who took on the penrhyn arms On first tonight saw Chris siddal get the home team off to a good start with a 2-0 win over Tom Barrett. On 2nd saw James mason losing out 0-2 to rob sumbland with another 180 for Rob. In at 3 saw Alex binstead edge out sam Bradley 2-1 which included a 106 checkout from Alex, great darts Alex. Mark Williams got the arms lads back on equal terms with a 0-2 win against Dan Phillips, glynn chambers on next against Chris Yates with Chris taking a 0-2 win. John Evans in at 6 against John Griffiths with fridge edging a 1-2 win for the arms. Macaulay on last and edging out gaz howatson 2-1. After the doubles it was the arms that edged the match 4-6. Next match saw the Alex pen up against near neighbours pen golf B. Phil birchall on first against George Davies wi th Phil getting a 2-0 win for the home side. Armon Owen on next and coming out a 2-1 winner against iwan Hughes. Harley goodfellow on 3rd and being edged out 1-2 to Matt Kendal. Yahya kocha on next and going down 0-2 against emlyn Roberts. Rob Jones also going down to the same score against Paul Williams also 0-2. Next on is Karen koca and getting a great 2-0 win against Barry Williams. If that is Karen’s debut then a big well done. Last on is gaz Hughes who took out a 2-0 win over jake coulson. With the Alex taking all of the doubles they ran out 7-3 winners on the night. Last one for this report is the top of the table clash with the RAOB A taking on the maelgwyn A. First on for I think is the 6th week in a row is Richie protheroe up against Ben Smith both players playing well with Richie edging it 2-0 . On next is Gary black up against Pete much with Pete taking a 0-2 win with a 180 thrown in. Next up is Andy Jones against Phil Smith, Andy struggling again with form and narrowly going down 1-2 with Phil getting a 180 also. Swin up next and struggled to contain Pete Lewis with Pete winning 0-2. Burr on next taking on Joey Cruz and burr winning 2-0 with a 17 dart leg for good measure. Carl up next against Jim ( surprise surprise) but for once Carl got the better in a struggle of a game 2-0. Carl with a 180. Captain Hibbert on last and playing well with 2×180 and a 2-0 win over kev Moore. The maelgwyn winning the doubles 1-2 for a 5-5 draw, which on the night was a fair result overall despite Peter Hibbert wiring the bull for the win. That concludes this week’s report. A good game week.

Hello all, this is the match report for games played on 13 November 2018. 4 cards delivered from both divisions this week, a marked improvement and thanks to all for sending them in. We start this week in division one where the comrades played the penrhyn old hall. First on was dilwyn up against guy marsh, with dilwyn getting the comrades off to a good start winning 2-0 which also included a 16 dart leg by dilwyn, good darts dear chap. Next on was Bryn Hughes against Mr Stafford with Bryn edging it 2-1. In at 3 was Neil up against corrie, and Neil coming through 2-1. Coming in at 4 was Chris Jones against Wayne Roberts with Chris winning 2-0 and weighing in with a 17 dart leg again good darts Chris. On 5th was Steve wilmore and securing a 2-1 over Paul Roche. Mike Roberts on at 6 and playing well again to win 2-0. Last on and fresh from his holiday was dan Wilson and showing no jet lag in securing a 2-0 win. After taking the doubles 3-0 the home team ran out 10-0 winners and only dropping 3 legs. Next game saw the penrhyn arms take on the unstoppable train that is the maelgwyn A, and as you will read there is nothing stopping them again, in at 1 was Rob sumbland and getting a great start for the arms and powering in a 180 with a 2-1 win over kev Moore. Good darts red. On at 2 was John fridge Griffiths who succumbed 0-2 to him dorenbos, On at 3 was the war horse known as Sam Bradley but unfortunately going down 0-2 to eddy Davies who also weighed in with a 131 finish, great darts by eddy. Mark Williams also going down 0-2 to Pete Lewis, Mr Yates in at 5 against Ben Smith with Ben taking a tight 1-2 win. Tom Barrett on at 6 for the arms against syd Williams with syd winning 0-2 which was the same score by which Phil Smith beat gaz howatson also 0-2. The maelgwyn also took all 3 doubles for a huge 9-1 away win. Will Phil and the lads be stopped I ask. Our next game is the pen golf derby with the B playing host to the A. Up first is Paul Williams against neil coulson, with Paul edging it 2-1, iwan Hughes up next but going down 0-2 to rob Miller. Emlyn Roberts in at 3 and nicking a 2-1 win over Rob Benjamin. George Davies going down 0-2 to Dan Rhodes with aidan Williams also losing by the same score to Ian Jones. Barry Williams on at 5 against Keith Williams, with Keith 0-2, and on last is Jake coulson against Mr unbeaten Paul eccles with Paul extending his unbeaten run with a 0-2 victory. The B taking the doubles 2-1 but it was the A with a 4-6 away win on the night. The last division 1 game saw the RAOB B v Alex pen. On first saw Mike williams go 1-2 against Rob Jones courtesy of a brilliant 17 dart leg, Danny Owen getting back to winning ways with a 2-0 win over Phil birchall. Rango on at 3 and following Danny with another 2-0 win. Alan Williams struggling to find form and unfortunately losing 0-2 to Andy bottomley. Tony on at 5 and good darts by Tony with a 118 finish and an 18 dart leg winning 2-0. Well played T. Another war horse in Mitch Morgan winning 2-0 v Edwin Thomas and JJ winning 2-1 against armon. After the doubles which was 3-0 to the B , it’s back to winning ways with an 8-2 home win. On to the RTB league now.
Carl Elston


First game saw the pen y Bryn B v Conway comrades On first was Kyle Jones against Bertie with Bertie winning 0-2. Sarah Jones on next and going down by the same score to kev lea with Gary Roberts also winning 0-2 against cain Jones. David Williams on next and also losing 0-2 to Lee Jones. Brady Lee on next and getting the first point on the board on the night with a 2-1 win against Nigel eardley and Carl Roberts making it a miserable night in the singles for the eardleys also winning 2-0. After the doubles the result was 3-6 to Conway. Next match saw the Labour club continue their great start against the pen y Bryn A, with only Billy Hughes to lose 0-2 to Richard Williams, home wins from Jamie Quinn 2-0 over Kelly Williams, Richie Hughes 2-1 against Pete viney and 2-0 home wins for Barry Davies v Pam Roberts, Terry Quinn v Myra Jones and Kevin Quinn against Sian Owen, with the full time score 8-1 to the home side. Back in to town now with the town house up against the cricket club, minus Peter Kearney this week. Terry Thomas kicking off with a 2-0 win over John Gregory. Matt entwistle losing in the decider 1-2 away wins at 0-2 for Chris hornickle v Charlie judge, Chris with a 12 dart leg also, good darts Chris. Paul Thornton over Dave Philip’s and Andy Christian over Robbie babbs. Last singles saw a 2-0 home win for Steve Jones over Tom Thornton. Cricket club winning 1-2 in the doubles and winning the match 3-6. Last game in the RTB league saw the Alex v cross keys penrhynside with some close games on the night, In at 1 was Iain Ashley with a 2-0 win over jim Richardson, Nathan Williams with a 2-1 win over robin, John Brown getting the keys on the score with a 1-2 against rhys lane and Gareth Davies of the keys winning by the same score over luke Regan. Oggy in at 5 pulling out a 2-1 win against Gareth Hughes and ste Williams with a similar 2-1 win against Colin Williams. After a tight doubles edged by the Alex the final score was 6-3 to the home side. That concludes the report for this week. Next Tuesday the 20th sees the individual knockouts, please ensure you all know where you are playing and hopefully all will turn up at their allotted venues. Best of luck to all who turn out. Carl.