2017 Winter League Team and Player Registration

2017 winter registration form

There has been some recent discussions regarding the proposed player fees increases and some inaccuracies that we would like to dispel. Firstly, there is an increase but the amount is just £1.

However may we explain our reasoning behind this.

It has been mentioned previously that we have increased the winter league fees. That is incorrect. The winter league fees remain the same now as they have done for the last 4 years. Many of you are aware that if we are holding a competition that we are limited as to where this competition can be held, with venues needing at least four boards. However, this means that the majority of the venues that pay for a team to be entered into the league never get anything back. This year we where trying to address that.

What we are attempting to do, is run a DIVISIONAL competition, with players just from that division being involved, and rather than having a large venue and it being run all on one night, we are looking to place a group of players from that division in various venues. We would then play this over two or three nights until we had got down to the final two players. With the final two playing on presentation night. ALL the additional money raised from that division would be paid back out to the winners.

So for example, let us assume there are 80 players registered within the Division Three Round the Board league. Each and every player of the division would be entered into the draw. We would then allocate these players to various venues, let us assume this is split over 4 venues, venues that wouldn’t normally get competitions, with each venue playing down to the last four from each venue. Then on another night, these venue winners would then meet in a different venue that hadn’t held a competition so far and play down to the last 2, with these two playing for the title of overall divisional champion on presentation night. The additional money , which in this assumption would be £80 would then all be paid out. We are aware that many players do not turn up to competitions because of it starting late, not getting a game until late and finishing late. By placing smaller groups in venues that do not normally hold competitions, we are trying to help those venues that support this league and alleviate the concerns of some of our members. Yes, we are charging an extra £1, but the league itself is not benefitting by a single penny. Being Divisional champion will be quite some achievement and not just dependant as to whom turned up on the night or having any of the “Big Boys” take the title.

I am fully aware that there will be one or two still not happy with this, but I hope the majority of players will at least appreciate what we are trying to achieve.

So in summary

There is an increase of £1 
Automatic entry into your divisional comp 
Small groups of players involving your division alone taking part in venues not usually holding competitions 
Played over two or three nights and played down to the last two 
Final two play for the title of divisional champion on presentation night 
ALL monies generated from entry to be repaid, the format of which is still to be decided (i.e. winner takes all or paid down to venue winners)