2017 Llandudno Darts Open

2017 Llandudno Darts Open

Hosted in the prestige Venue Cymru.
The main confrence facilty in North Wales.
The first time a major darts competiton has been held at this venue.

Following detailed and indepth negotiations with the management of Venue Cymru, we secured some major concessions, with the 2017 event being held in a large hall, with a special stage being built. The bar is in the same room as the event, but in line with its licence, children are even welcome however with the proviso that prior agreement from one of the organisers must be obtained .

Agreements are also in place to keep selected larger and bitter prices to a similar level as last year.

venue cymru
2017 Poater
The Main Llandudno Open
Nicola Berry
The Ladies Open
2017 llandudno open
Other Fun Comps

The Main Open

£700 1st Prize

£300 Runner Up

£150 Losing Semi Finalists
£50 Losing Quarter Finalists
8 boards in use

Supply your
“Walk on music”

or £13 on the day

2017 Poater

Best of 5 legs “501” in the board stages

Best of 7 legs for quarters and semi

Best of 9 legs for the Final

Click on the plus symbol to see the various payments options
  1. Register and pay the full entrance fee of £10 online via Credit/Debit card or BACS system.

  1. Payment on the 29th can be made online via Credit/Debit card for the sum of £13
  2. Payment on the day would be £13 – Cash Only 

Llandudno Dart League Registered Players Only 
We appreciate the support given to us by our local dart players over the years.
Accordingly, for those players not reaching the quarter finals or above,
There will be 5 payments of £20 to the five furthest progressing local players.

Money may be split further in the event of a tie.
These payments are only available to those local players who registered and paid before the 31st August 2017.
Llandudno Dart League Registered Player definition include any past or present player who has or had a dart player number.

Llandudno Ladies Comp

Nicola Berry

£100 First Prize

We are pleased to announce that we will be holding the 2017 Llandudno Ladies Open Championship

With a guaranteed first prize of £100 and a runner prize of £40. Although this amount is based on an attendance of just 16 ladies, and should the online registration be far greater than that, then the organizers will make suitable account for this and increase the prize fund to make payments further down (semi and quarter finalist) and possibly raise the overall amount paid out.

Just like the main open comp, those ladies that register online before the 31st August can supply their own “Walk on music”. With this being used for the final, and also entered into the main competition for the first match called up on the day.

Click on the plus symbol to see the various payments options


  1. Register and pay the full entrance fee of £5 online.
    Register your “Walk on music”.
    Also entered into our competition to see who is the first match of the day called onto the stage to play darts.

ONLY registered entries before the 6th September will be allowed to submit “Walk on Music”
Competition winners announced on the 29th September and announced via our facebook page Llandudno Darts Open

  1. Register and pay the full entrance fee of £5 online via Credit/Debit card or BACS system.

  1. Payment on the 29th can be made online via Credit/Debit card for the sum of £7
  2. Payment on the day would be £7 – Cash Only 
Chrissie Halliday

Yet again Chrissie Halliday has offered her services to organize the ladies competition and we are very grateful for her help and support.

There are many ladies that play darts in our  league and that of the Llandudno Ladies Darts league, and to encourage participation we will making two payments of £5 for the furthest progressing ladies players of either local dart leagues not achieving a cash prize. 


Other Fun Comps

The Llandudno Open event has always ensured that the day itself is regarded as a fun day for everyone . And to celebrate the new special venue, this day will not be an exception.

2017 llandudno open


Prior to the start of the main competition we are hoping to showcase the young talent from around the area and give them a chance of appearing on stage. Starting at 10:30 come along and support these young players and the future of our game.

Blind Pairs Comp

blind darts

Always popular is our Blind Pairs comp. When we first started doing this prticular comp 4 years ago , it was only ever meant as first round losers comp, but since then more and more players wanted to be involved. So this is now run until a specific time OR we have the numbers involved to ensure that the comp finishes before the semi finals and main final event.

Six Of The Best

We’re fully aware not everyone will want to enter the main comp,  perhaps they feel that their own standard of darts wouldn’t allow them to compete or it might be they have  a fear of marking, or it could simply be that prefer to play “Round The Board”, even within our own league we have a “Round The Board” division.  Despite this, the support we get is superb.

So this year we have decided to try and cater for these players as well

Once the main event is underway, we will be running a little comp at the same time called “6 of the best” 

Any player or spectator can go onto the stage and throw a £1 into one of three designated buckets. The Llandudno open will take just 20p from every £1 with rest being returned as prize money.

  1. “Round The Board”  – Open to players not registered in the main open event
  2. “501 LIMITED”Open to players not registered in the main open event
  3.  “501 ALL”Open to ALL players and spectators

You have just 6 darts to throw, hence six of the best.

If you decide to go for “501” its the culmative score of your six darts. 

If you decide to go for “Round the Board” it’s how far you get with just 6 darts, doubles count but not trebles.

The score will be recorded, and the top four players at the end of the day from each  will play off to be the winner and win the bucket. A player can only hold one top four position. For example if one player holds all top four scores then only his top score will count.  

You can however enter as many times as you want.

We cant promise you that you’ll be met with a dominatrix with a whip…..but then again….you never know!

May I finally give a big thank you to Peter Hibbert and all the staff at the Evans Hotel for all the support they have given over the last 4 years and in holding the event.

Many will still notice the Peter Hibbert is still an organiser in regards to this event. 

And another big thank you to Mr Sam Bradley who due to work commitments was unable to be on the committee this year, but without whom this event would never have taken place.